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Wooden colour sorting peg board


Wooden Montessori Educational Toddler Toy Montessori Learning Resource Color Sorting Pegs Resemblance Sorting Hand Skill Eye
Material : basswood
Size : 13.8*11.5*8.5cm
Weight :0.42kg

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Wooden colour sorting peg -The Montessori wooden color sorting peg board is a tactile and educational toy designed to aid in the development of a child’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition. This wooden board typically features a set of pegs in various colors, corresponding holes, and colorful rings or discs for sorting. Children can engage in sorting and matching activities by placing the rings onto the pegs, creating a hands-on learning experience that encourages cognitive development through play.

ThisMontessori-inspired toy promotes creativity and problem-solving while providing a sensory-rich exploration of colors and shapes for young learners.


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