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Solar System Model with wooden planets and name cards


Solar System Model Toys Set Puzzle, Wooden Planets, and Montessori 3-Part Cards -Natural
Material : basswood
Size : 45*22.5*0.8c
Weight :1kg

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Solar System-The Montessori solar system model is a hands-on educational tool designed to teach children about the solar system. It typically consists of a wooden base or board, representing the vast expanse of space, with small, wooden planets attached. Each planet is typically hand-painted and labeled with its name, such as “Mercury,” “Venus,” “Earth,” “Mars,” and so on. These wooden planets are usually to scale in terms of size and can be moved around on the board to demonstrate the relative distances between them. This tactile and visual representation helps children grasp the concept of our solar system and the order of the planets in a fun and interactive way, promoting a love for astronomy and science from an early age.


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