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Natural grapat mandala loose parts with storage box and acrylic lid

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Preschool Kindergarten Montessori r Nature Toy Grapat mandala loose parts sets with wooden box and acrylic lid
Material : beechwood
Size : 44*37
Weight :2.8kg

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Loose parts-The Montessori Natural Grapat Mandala Loose Parts set is a meticulously crafted collection of wooden elements designed to foster creative and open-ended play in children. This set includes a storage box with an acrylic lid to keep the pieces organized and visible.

The loose parts themselves consist of a variety of natural, wooden components in different shapes and sizes, which can be used by children to create intricate mandala designs or explore their imagination through unstructured play. These elements encourage sensory exploration, fine motor skills development, and artistic expression.

With a focus on natural and eco-friendly materials, the Grapat Mandala Loose Parts set provides a platform for children to engage with the world in a hands-on, tactile way, allowing them to build, stack, and arrange the pieces in countless creative combinations. The accompanying storage box with an acrylic lid not only keeps the pieces organized but also allows children to proudly display their creations, fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride in their artistic endeavors.


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