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Rainbow peg dolls 12pcs

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Rainbow Friends Peg Dolls Wooden Pretend Play Peoplen 12 Rainbow Wooden Peg Dolls
Size 6.5*4cm
material:beech wood
package is brown box

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Montessori Rainbow peg dolls are a set of wooden dolls designed for educational play and creative exploration in Montessori and Waldorf-inspired learning environments. These dolls typically come in a variety of vibrant colors, following the classic Montessori rainbow color scheme. Each peg doll is crafted from natural, eco-friendly materials and features a simple, gender-neutral design.

These dolls are often used to promote various aspects of child development, including fine motor skills, color recognition, sorting, counting, and imaginative play. Their minimalist design allows children to use them for open-ended play, fostering creativity and storytelling.

Montessori Rainbow peg dolls can be used in a multitude of activities, from color matching and sorting exercises to representing family members or characters in imaginative scenarios. Their simplicity encourages children to engage in unstructured play and learn through exploration, making them a valuable tool in early childhood education.


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