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Wooden Honeycomb Bee Hive & Felt Bee


Wooden Honeycomb Bee Hive & Felt Bee Set Wood Beehives Sorting Game Montessori Toys
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  • Unique Toys for Your Busy Little Bee: Your Sorting Toys Set provides wooden beehive, 7 fuzzy felt bees, 7 wood hexagons beehives & 1 set of Montessori tongs for picking up bees.
  • Designed for Durability: Forget flimsy plastic toys that easily crack & break. Your Toy Toddle Bumble Bee Sensory Toy come in sturdier solid wood with a silky natural finish for years of safe enjoyment
  • Perfect for Preschool Learning Activities: Created by a teacher, these cute Montessori toys lets kids connect with nature, hone their fine & gross motor skills, learn problem-solving, etc.


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