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wooden pounder, sensory play box


Children Early Learning Educational Toy Hammering Game Wooden Ball Hammer Box Wooden punch and drop toys for Kids Toddle
Material : beechwood
Size : 13*13*10cm
Weight :0.65kg

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Included in the set are several wooden balls and a small wooden hammer, creating an engaging and hands-on experience for young learners. Children can place the wooden balls into the top holes and use the provided hammer to gently knock or smash them through the openings. This activity not only produces a delightful sound but also provides a tactile and auditory sensation that encourages sensory exploration.

As children experiment with different ways to fit the balls into the holes and tap them through, they develop their problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. The durable and safe construction of this toy ensures hours of fun while supporting early childhood development. The wooden knock toy sensory play box is an excellent addition to any playroom, offering an enriching, multi-sensory play experience for curious and growing minds.


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