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Wooden stacking balance blocks


Montessori Material Math Kids Sensory Preschool Teaching Learn Discs on Horizontal Dowel Education Wooden Toys
Material : beech wood
Weight : 0.59kg
Package size : 30*16.5*3.5cm
Carton size : 44*33*40cm,28sets/ctn,15kg/ctn

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The Wooden Pirate Stacking Games Set is an engaging and imaginative tabletop game that combines skill, strategy, and creativity. This high-quality set includes a variety of wooden pieces, each intricately designed to resemble pirate-themed elements. Players take on the role of daring buccaneers as they carefully stack wooden planks, barrels, treasure chests, and pirate figures to construct a towering pirate ship. The objective is to create the tallest and most stable ship without letting it topple over.
With its attention to detail and vibrant, non-toxic paint, the set brings the spirit of a pirate adventure to life. It’s suitable for all ages and encourages problem-solving, fine motor skills, and friendly competition. Whether it’s a family game night, a party, or simply a solo challenge, the Wooden Pirate Stacking Games Set promises hours of fun and laughter, making it an excellent addition to any game collection.


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