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Montessori aligned horizontal dowel


Montessori Material Math Kids Sensory Preschool Teaching Learn Discs on Horizontal Dowel Education Wooden Toys
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  • This is a classic Montessori material meant to be used with children 12-18 months. This stacking material helps the child to develop hand-eye coordination and develops his/her grasp.
  • This material helps the toddler development spacial awareness, hand-eye coordination as well as practicing different finger grips as the toddler discovers how to slide the discs on the dowel.
  • This horizontal dowel helps develop a slightly different grasp than a traditional stacking toy, and it creates an added challenge for the child.
  • Montessori from the start ,Children’s hand-eye coordination can be developed during the game,can be used as teaching tools in school, home schooling, or early childhood development.


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